5 Jazz Classics that Will Put You in the Mood for Love

5 Jazz Classics that Will Put You in the Mood for Love

Jazz is an emotional music genre, perhaps no more so than when you are in the mood for love. Some of the most romantic and meaningful moments of my life are set to the jazz classics – in my memory at least – and many of them had these hits playing in the background when they actually took place. If you are in the mood for love or planning to set the stage for love over a romantic candlelight dinner, jazz is the best “wingman” or “wing-woman” you can have.

Here are 5 jazz classics that never fail at putting the listeners in the mood for love:

Ella Fitzgerald singing “Let’s Do It”

You might have laughed when you read the title of the track, and that is exactly what the songwriter intended. This witty little ditty makes a great icebreaker, especially the way Ms. Fitzgerald sang it. It was originally written in 1928, and you can almost see the First Lady of Song giving you a wink as she sings, “Birds do it/Bees do it/Even educated fleas do it/Let’s do it/Let’s fall in love!”

Anita O’Day singing “Angel Eyes”

This song has been sung dozens of times by dozens of the greats, but one of my favorites is Anita O’Day’s version. While the lyrics in this song are sad (she’s talking about an old lover’s eyes rather than a present-day flame), the passion and seductive sound of O’Day’s voice will send the heat soaring in any room.

Ben Webster singing “When I Fall in Love”

Although Ben Webster was actually a saxophonist, his rendition of Nat King Cole’s 1956 hit, “When I Fall in Love” is incredibly simple, with minimal accompaniment and maximum heart-throbbing soul in every word. Cole scored a “number 2” on the U.K. charts with this song, but Webster will always be number one to many jazz fans when he sings this particular anthem to matters of the heart.

Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World”

If you really want to let your companion know how much he or she lights up your world, then add this classic to your playlist. Everyone recognizes this particular melody, and it’s easy to tell the love of your life just how wonderful your world is with them in it when Pops is crooning the words in the background and setting the mood.

Anyone singing “The Very Thought of You”

Billie Holiday sang it. Red Garland sang it. Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, and Frank Sinatra sang it. Play any of them. Play all of them. The words in this jazz classic are timeless: “I see your face in every flower/Your eyes in stars above/ It’s just the thought of you/The very thought of you my love.” Take your cue from the words and take a step away from the ordinary with the one you love.

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